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Trauma-Informed Court Systems: A Webinar for Tribal Communities

Webcasts / Webinar / Trauma-Informed Court Systems: A Webinar for Tribal Communities

Are you interested in learning how courts are valuing tradition while recognizing trauma? Join us for a free webinar to hear how trauma-informed courts can improve outcomes for Native youth and families! Research continues to clarify how traumatic experiences negatively impact the way traumatized people interact with the world. When an individual becomes court-involved it is highly likely that they have experienced some level of trauma. If the court system is not trauma-informed they can be re-traumatized, often triggering harmful reactions. Tribal communities have the challenge of addressing the traumatic experiences of individuals while at the same time dealing with the after-effects of historical and inter-generational traumatic patterns that have affected entire communities. However, tribes also have strengths found in their traditional teachings that provide inspiration for strategies to address trauma in all its forms. This webinar will explain what is meant by the phrase trauma-informed courts, provide data about challenges facing tribes around the country, discuss how trauma looks in the court setting, and then provide practical ideas about how to incorporate both traditional values and research-based strategies to make tribal court systems not only trauma-informed but trauma-responsive.

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