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Emerging Practices in Information Sharing Between Child Welfare Agencies and Domestic Violence Advocates

Custody Mediation and Domestic Violence: What Advocates Should Know

While mediation offers many parents an alternative to formal and often adversarial court processes, they may also present serious safety and parenting consequences for domestic violence survivors and their children. The Resource Center on Domestic…

Immigrant Survivors of Domestic And Sexual Violence in Your Courtroom: Family Court and Civil Protection Order Cases

This webinar for judicial officials will provide an overview of how immigration issues related to domestic violence intersect with civil proceedings. At the end of this webinar, participants will be better able to: Explain the…

What Judges Need to Know About Domestic Violence in the Transgender Community

Transgender survivors of domestic violence are among the most vulnerable litigants a judge can encounter. The rate of transgender individuals reporting lifetime suicide attempts is four times the national average and can be as high…

Over-representation of Marginalized Communities in Child Welfare

The over-representation¬†of children of color in the child welfare system has been an issue for decades. This webinar will explore the history of over-representation¬†of certain communities in child welfare while examining the impact of disparity…

Child Welfare Issues in Domestic Violence Cases: Addressing the Unique Needs of American Indian/Alaska Native Families

Child welfare cases are emotional and difficult under any circumstance, but when domestic violence is involved they become much more complex. This webinar will explore both the foundational information of how domestic violence impacts children…

Creating Accessible Online Trainings

Online courses are cost-effective and an excellent way to disseminate information, but are they accessible to a wide range of people? Webinar attendees with disabilities can face a variety of barriers to participation. This webinar…

Immigrant Survivors of Domestic/Sexual Violence in Your Courtroom: Introduction to the Immigration System and Status Options

This webinar for judicial officials will provide an overview of the immigration system and the status options for victims of domestic and sexual violence through a discussion of the basic avenues to immigration status and…

Judicial Leadership and Firearms in Domestic Violence Cases

During this webinar, participants will learn about: How judges can take a leadership role – from the bench and beyond in promoting community safety in domestic violence cases involving firearms. How community collaboration can enhance…

Improving Child Welfare Practice for Immigrant Victims of Domestic Violence

This webinar will be aimed at informing child welfare services for immigrant communities. The presenters will combine their knowledge of domestic violence, immigration, and child welfare to help inform child welfare workers and other professionals…

Helping Survivors Gather Evidence of Technology Abuse

Social media, texting, and emails are everywhere. And in the hands of an abuser, they become yet another tactic. For a domestic violence survivor trying to demonstrate the abuse to the court, however, documenting evidence…

Leadership from the Bench: Cyberviolence and Tech Abuse in Domestic Violence Cases

Learning objectives: Identify the prevalence and impact of cyberstalking and tech abuse Identify tech abuse best practices for judges Improve access to justice for cases that involve tech abuse