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“The association between animal abuse and all forms of violence is well documented. If we don’t address pets, we are missing the mark and reality of who and what people consider as ‘family’.”
                    ~ Honorable Carroll J. Kelly, 11th Judicial Circuit of Florida, Miami, FL

       NCJFCJ’s animal cruelty and interpersonal violence webinar series offers judicial officers and other justice system professionals information, best practices, and concrete examples centered on addressing the link between animal cruelty and interpersonal violence. Each webinar in the series is centered on different aspects of that link and is led by judicial officers and experts in the field. Webinar topics range from general information about animal cruelty and child abuse, juvenile offending, domestic violence, elder abuse, and hoarding to more detailed information about veterinary forensics and its use by family courts, animal-related relief in protection orders, and the promotion of awareness of the animal human bond for child welfare professionals. Below are links to and additional information about each webinar by topic.

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You can also view each of the webinars on the NCJFJC’s YouTube page.