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Addressing Sex Trafficking in Tribal Communities

Upcoming Events / Webinar / Addressing Sex Trafficking in Tribal Communities

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Tuesday, September 29, 2020

12:30 PM  – 2:00 PM (Pacific)

Addressing Sex Trafficking in Tribal Communities

Adults and children in tribal communities are especially vulnerable to becoming victims of sex trafficking. Such trafficking is a widespread, and tribal judges are in a unique position to help identify victims and assist in addressing impacted families. This webinar will focus on: describing and discussing the ways predators groom vulnerable women and men, talking about the connection between foster care/children in care and trafficking, recounting personal stories of trafficking, providing insights into recognizing survivors when they come home, and offering insights on how to provide trauma-informed responses that create safe environments for survivors and their families to heal.


Hon. John Romero, Jr., Judge, Children’s Court Division of the Second Judicial District Court of New Mexico and Program for the Empowerment of Girls. Past President of the National Council of Juvenile and Family Court Judges.

Hon. Richard Blake, Judge, Hoopa Valley Tribal Court and Executive Committee. President, National American Indian Court Judges Association.

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