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Monday Morning Moments - Best of 2022 - Tis the Season: Mindfully Honoring Holiday-Evoked Grief

Upcoming Events / Webinar / Monday Morning Moments - Best of 2022 - Tis the Season: Mindfully Honoring Holiday-Evoked Grief

Monday Morning Moments – Best of 2022

Tis the Season: Mindfully Honoring Holiday-Evoked Grief

January 23, 2023

8am PST / 9am MST / 10am CST / 11am EST

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Catch the “Best of Monday Morning Moments” beginning Mon., Jan. 23. Joey Orduña Hastings, CEO of the NCJFCJ, will provide an introduction to our four most-watched episodes each month through April. Each monthly webinar is brought to you free of charge.

Holidays can be heavy. We spend holidays alone with ourselves and with complicated family members. We navigate holidays without loved ones we’ve lost to addiction, depression, estrangement, and death. The season of winter itself is a real and symbolic time of dormancy and going within. While this slowing down gives nature a chance to rest, it often gives grief the space to reawaken. In this gentle, compassionate, and experiential session we will hold space for both the celebration and mourning this season invites us into. We will foster connection by engaging in conscious conversation on mindful grieving, bring greater awareness to how emotions are often held in our bodies, and explore new tools for bringing mindfulness into our grief processes through a brief, guided meditation. Yes, the holidays can be heavy, but if acknowledged and mindfully moved through, they can also gift us with a catalyst for healing.

Meet our Expert:

Kim Flournoy DiJoseph, M.S.W. has engaged in 30+ years of work with victims across the professional continuum – from court advocate to clinical social work practitioner, director of domestic violence agencies to trauma-informed organizational consultant. She also has extensive experience developing and teaching courses in vicarious trauma, grief and loss, and intergenerational trauma. In the fall of 2019, she intentionally transitioned from 7 years as an associate professor in teaching at Virginia Commonwealth University’s School of Social Work to pursue a more balanced and heart-centered life. Kim has an intuitive healing practice, Hot Mess Work, where she works primarily with advocates, therapists, and other “helpers” as they reconcile and integrate their own and ancestral wounds and wisdom into their personal lives and into their work. She also facilitates intuitively-guided, mindfulness meditation groups.

As the result of the murder of her mother in 2012, Kim now carries the role of co-victim of homicide and trains and provides consultation from a unique dual-personal/professional perspective on traumatic grief, the criminal justice system, spirituality, and the healing process. She is the wellness consultant for the Virginia Victim Assistance Network with an emphasis on the integration of empathy, self-care, and wellness practices in the daily lives of crime victim advocates, lead facilitator for a pilot survivor empowerment project of the Virginia Sexual and Domestic Violence Action Alliance, and is an adjunct faculty member for the Virginia Commonwealth University School of Social Work. Kim is a biracial healer, writer, wife, mother, and former personal chef who lives in Richmond, VA.