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Monday Morning Moments: Season 4 - Owning Your Personal Power

Upcoming Events / Webinar / Monday Morning Moments: Season 4 - Owning Your Personal Power

Owning Your Personal Power

 Dr. Tara Wilkie and Sophie Langri

Monday, June 6

8 a.m. PDT | 11 a.m. EDT

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The way we respond to people and events makes all the difference between owning our personal power…and giving it away. This session shows participants how to become more self-aware, connect to themselves and regulate intrusive emotions – including high emotions like anger or low emotions like detachment and cynicism. It draws on the latest neuroscience and psychology to help learners fully own their thoughts, feelings, and actions.


Tara V. Wilkie, Ph.D., holds a Ph.D. in cognitive psychology. She has been a researcher, a classroom resource teacher, a special education consultant, a school psychologist, a university lecturer, a director of product development at a tech company, and now a social entrepreneur.
2015-2018 Dr. Wilkie was the Director of Social and Emotional Learning at the Peace Network for Social Harmony (PNSH) a group of philanthropic foundations, individual donors, and partner organizations working collaboratively in applied peace efforts and social harmony initiatives based in Montreal.
2008-2019 she taught Social Emotional Learning (SEL) in French two days a week at École Buissonnière, a primary school in Montreal. Dr. Wilkie used her psychology and Non-Violent Communication training to co-develop, with Ms. Langri, “Ma Classe Zone de Paix” a Non-Violent Communication-based Social and Emotional Learning school program.
Dr. Wilkie co-founded the Institute of Social and Emotional Education in 2015, with Ms. Langri. Through the Institute she offers workshops and trainings on SEL for teachers, parents, as well as school boards and has co-authored two social and emotional learning teacher guides, K-Grade 8, called CS3, Core Skills in 3 Domains: Me-You-US. In March 2018, Dr. Wilkie and her colleague Ms. Langri presented at the 33rd Mind & Life Dialogue, hosted and moderated by His Holiness the Dalai Lama, their comprehensive approach to teaching SEL in schools.

In 2019 Dr. Wilkie launched a new company, Dr. Tara Wilkie & Associates, to support employee mental health by offering a series of seminars and retreats to businesses, employees, and parents to improve social-emotional intelligence, in order for participants to flourish in their personal and professional lives.

Dr. Wilkie maintains her private practice and lives in Montreal with her husband and two daughters.

Sophie Boyer Langri holds a BA in East Asian Studies and Anthropology from Montreal University and an M.Phil in Sociology and Politics of Development from the University of Cambridge, England. She has been the project manager for the Institute of Tibetan Classics since 1999. Since 2003, Sophie has been a regular attendee at the bi-annual Mind and Life conferences, in-depth dialogues between the Dalai Lama and scientists and scholars interested in the study of the human mind and its potential. Sophie’s participation in these conferences has enabled her to interact with neuroscientists, psychologists, and educationists who are passionate about translating important scientific insights into the domain of education. In March 2018, Sophie and her colleague Tara Wilkie presented at the 33rd Mind & Life conference, their comprehensive approach to teaching SEL (social and emotional learning) in schools.

Sophie has also received extensive training in NVC (Non-violent Communication) as well as Restorative Justice methods. Combining her NVC background with what she has learned through years of interaction with scientists in the field of brain and learning, in 2008 Sophie co-created and began Ma Classe Zone de Paix, a school program teaching SEL for children ages 5-12. For this innovative school program, Sophie was awarded the YMCA Quebec Peace Medal in 2010. She has also been working as an SEL consultant with the MEESR (Ministry of Education Québec) for the ‘Grandes Rencontres’ project which has given information to all school regions throughout Québec about SEL. She is currently also in the process of receiving her certification as a Stanford Compassion Cultivation Training (CCT) instructor.