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Child Abuse, Neglect, and Domestic Violence: Dispelling the Myths, Enhancing Practice

This webinar will explore our preconceptions and myths about child welfare- involved families who are experiencing domestic violence. The interactive 90-minute webinar will help participants to develop a shared understanding and definition of domestic violence…

Protecting Victims and Communities in Domestic Violence Cases: Collaborative Strategies

Is your community doing all it can to prevent firearms-related violence perpetrated by abusers in DV cases? Are you encountering challenges to implementing existing state, tribal, and federal firearms restrictions? Learn about strategies for effective…

Child Custody Webinar Series 2: Evidence Basics: Helping to Make Sure Your Client’s Story Is Heard

A court’s decision is only as good as the information it receives, but this information has to be presented correctly to be sure it’s considered. With the safety and well-being of your clients and their…

Child Custody Webinar Series 1: Beyond the Legalese: An Introduction to Family Court

Weird vocabulary, intimidating procedures, and unfamiliar standards seem to be everywhere when you go to family court for the first time and can be horribly confusing, especially for survivors trying to achieve safety and well-being…

Creating a Trauma-Informed System: The Important Collaboration Between CACs and the Courts

The NCJFCJ partnered with the National Children’s Advocacy Center to create this webinar highlighting the importance of collaboration between children’s advocacy centers (CACs) and the courts. Participants can expect to learn: what judges should know…

International Family Law: A Survey of Middle Eastern Family Law in American Courts

Marriage and divorce are no longer local affairs. An Egyptian man might meet an English woman while on vacation in France and they might marry in Morocco, only to settle in New York City.  With…

Trauma-informed Approaches to Domestic Violence Exposure, Adverse Childhood Experiences and Resiliency: Opportunities for Early Child Care Providers

This session will explore the latest thinking about Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) and childhood exposure to domestic violence. Emphasizing the opportunity for universal education, presenters will discuss strategies for trauma-informed parenting to prevent the intergenerational…

Men Who Batter: Risks & Opportunities

Presented by: Fernando Mederos from the Battered Women’s Justice Project Click here to download the PowerPoint presentation.

We Believe Moms Matter: Enhancing Child Welfare Responses to Mothers Experiencing Domestic Violence

This webinar will introduce a new safety card for child welfare workers to use with mothers experiencing domestic violence. The webinar will include practice strategies for child welfare workers on how to partner and educate…

Addressing the Needs of Latin@ Children

Co-hosted with National Latin@ Network and Casa de Esperanza PowerPoint Presentation – Addressing the Needs of Latin@ Children & Families

Assessing the Quality of Child Interviews

This webinar will explore how one can evaluate child interviews, both from the perspective of the interviewer and the child. For example, did the interviewer use the kinds of techniques that are known to increase…

Strong Collaborative, Strong Families: Co-located Domestic Violence Services Within Child Welfare

This webinar will highlight the important work done in two different states to increase collaboration between child welfare and domestic violence agencies. Panelists from New Jersey and Ohio will describe the use of co-located advocates,…