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Virtual Trainings

Virtual Trainings

Four Fridays in February: Dynamics of Teen Dating Violence

Four Fridays in February: A Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month Webinar Series

Date: February 3, 2023
Title: Dynamics of Teen Dating Violence
Presenters: Maureen Reid, MSW and D Dagondon Tiegs, Bilingual Social Change Associate, Idaho Coalition Against Sexual and Domestic Violence

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Understanding Adolescent Brain Development in Teen Dating Violence Cases

Title: Understanding Adolescent Brain Development in Teen Dating Violence Cases
Presenters: Claire Crooks, Ph.D., Psychologist, and Director of the Centre for School Mental Health and Jessica Pearce, Senior Site Manager, National Council of Juvenile and Family Court Judges

Description: This 90-minute webinar presentation provides participants with a brief overview of brain development to help address adolescent dating violence more effectively and will discuss the promising practices being developed for effective intervention in teen dating violence cases.

This technical assistance brief was developed to provide judges with an overview of brain development during adolescence and to provide an overview of the following:

– Typical adolescent brain development;

– How brain development may be impeded by toxic stress and adversity;

– Implications of brain development in how we understand and address teen dating violence; and

– Recommendations and promising practices for effective intervention in cases of teen dating violence.

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