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Opioid Addiction & Treatment in Tribal Communities

Opioids are decimating communities across the nation. This webinar will discuss the challenges of opioid addiction and recovery. The rise of both prescription drug abuse and the return of heroin means that many communities, particularly…

Neuropharmacology and Neuroscience of Addiction: Understanding the Brain Science

Understanding both psychopharmacology and addiction are very important for professionals who work with people struggling with substance abuse. Working with addicts can be difficult, because addicts may behave in ways that are difficult for non-addicts…

Overcoming the "Buts": Improving your Community's Response to Firearms and Domestic Violence Despite the Obstacles

Communities across the country face a variety of obstacles to removing firearms from individuals who are prohibited from having them due to civil protection orders (CPOs) or criminal convictions for domestic violence.  Although the CPO…

Developing Practice-Based Evidence: Why is it Important to Domestic Violence Advocates and Child Welfare Professionals?

This webinar will offer the audience a platform to discuss: (a) Differences between practice-based evidence versus evidence-based practices; (b) Current literature on commonly used practices among domestic violence and child protection professionals; and (c) Resources…

Trauma-Informed Court Systems: A Webinar for Tribal Communities

Are you interested in learning how courts are valuing tradition while recognizing trauma? Join us for a free webinar to hear how trauma-informed courts can improve outcomes for Native youth and families! Research continues to…

Child Custody Webinar Series 3: Should I Stay or Should I Go? Interstate Child Custody Issues for Domestic Violence Survivors

Have domestic violence survivors ever asked you about leaving the state with their children to flee from abuse?  This webinar, presented by the Legal Resource Center on Violence Against Women (LRC), will focus on basic…

Child Custody Webinar Series 2: Evidence Basics: Helping to Make Sure Your Client’s Story Is Heard

A court’s decision is only as good as the information it receives, but this information has to be presented correctly to be sure it’s considered. With the safety and well-being of your clients and their…

Child Custody Webinar Series 1: Beyond the Legalese: An Introduction to Family Court

Weird vocabulary, intimidating procedures, and unfamiliar standards seem to be everywhere when you go to family court for the first time and can be horribly confusing, especially for survivors trying to achieve safety and well-being…

Creating a Trauma-Informed System: The Important Collaboration Between CACs and the Courts

The NCJFCJ partnered with the National Children’s Advocacy Center to create this webinar highlighting the importance of collaboration between children’s advocacy centers (CACs) and the courts. Participants can expect to learn: what judges should know…

Men Who Batter: Risks & Opportunities

Presented by: Fernando Mederos from the Battered Women’s Justice Project Click here to download the PowerPoint presentation.

Addressing the Needs of Latin@ Children

Co-hosted with National Latin@ Network and Casa de Esperanza PowerPoint Presentation – Addressing the Needs of Latin@ Children & Families

Assessing the Quality of Child Interviews

This webinar will explore how one can evaluate child interviews, both from the perspective of the interviewer and the child. For example, did the interviewer use the kinds of techniques that are known to increase…