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Civil Protection Order System Improvements

After engaging in the planning activities mentioned under Planning and Preparation, most FTAP communities can identify a number of gaps and barriers in their civil protection order system response to firearms in domestic violence cases.  The FTAP technical assistance providers encouraged the FTAP sites to follow a systematic approach in assessing and mapping their current system response – starting at the beginning of the civil protection order process and moving through the various steps involved in seeking, obtaining, serving, and enforcing a protection order that includes surrender of firearms.  The graphic below illustrates the six general stages of the civil protection order process, providing a roadmap for determining collaboratively what gaps and barriers there are at the various stages.  Once those gaps and barriers are identified, the multidisciplinary team can decide what efforts they want to prioritize as next steps.

The resources below offer an array of materials that contain information, guidance, and sample forms for making improvements to your civil system’s response to firearms in domestic violence cases.  They are intended to be used in conjunction with consultation from the FTAP technical assistance providers.