Introducing the Adolescent-Based Treatment Database

April 12, 2013

The NCJFCJ has compiled information on validated treatment interventions and screening tools in the Adolescent-Based Treatment Database and is extremely excited to roll this product out to the juvenile justice field! The database will serve as a valuable tool for juvenile drug courts (JDCs) by detailing intervention basics, special considerations for JDCs, and engagement strategies. The Adolescent-Based Treatment Database will serve as a “one-stop-shop” for JDCs researching adolescent-focused treatment and screening tools.

There are several ways to use the Database which are detailed in the Treatment Database Usage TIPs:

  • Visitors can download or view the Adolescent-Based Treatment Interventions Comparison Matrix. The Comparison Matrix will help readers quickly identify brief, individual, group, and family interventions that may work in their jurisdiction,
  • Visitors can download a complete copy of the Adolescent-Based Treatment Database and share the 33 page document with additional JDC team members, stakeholders, or partners,
  • Visitors can click on any of the individual interventions to research the best fit for your jurisdiction. 

Visitors to the Database should take the opportunity to visit the NCJFCJ’s Juvenile Drug Court Information Center, as well. The Center has a wealth of JDC-related articles, resource tools, and information, all centered on the Juvenile Drug Courts: Strategies in Practice. JDC professionals can now visit one source to research information on the juvenile drug court preferred model and suggested adolescent-based treatments and screening instruments for their programs. 

To access the Database housed on the NCJFCJ’s website, click here.


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