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Board of Directors & Officers

The NCJFCJ Board of Directors and Officers are a critical part of our organization. We benefit every day from the dedication, energy and time devoted by these members. We recognize their year-round commitment not just to the NCJFCJ, but to the children and families they serve each and every day.

Memphis, Tennessee
Dan Michael

In August 2014, Dan H. Michael, was elected Judge of Memphis and Shelby County Juvenile Court. He hears appeals from the twelve lower magistrates and presides over the major crimes docket, hearing the most serious felony cases at the court.

Judge Dan Michael
Hon Ramona Gonzalez
La Crosse, Wisconsin
Ramona A. Gonzalez
Immediate Past President

Judge Ramona Gonzalez isĀ from La Crosse, Wisconsin. Judge Gonzalez has been serving as a State of Wisconsin Circuit Judge since April 1995.

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Judge Hiram Puig-Lugo
Washington, D.C.
Hiram Puig-Lugo

Judge Hiram Puig-Lugo joined the Superior Court of the District of Columbia in 1999. He has handled criminal felony, juvenile delinquency, criminal misdemeanor, civil, child abuse and neglect, domestic relations, status offenses, and domestic violence cases.

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Don Gimbel
Livingston, Montana
Donald Gimbel

Don Gimbel has more than 45 years of experience working in financial strategy, global assets, and investment management.

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Barbara Mack
Seattle, Washington
Barbara Mack

Judge Barbara Mack is a King County Superior Court Judge in Seattle, Washington. She has presided over a wide variety of criminal and civil cases and served four years as a judge in juvenile court.

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Members of the

Board of Directors

Barbara Mack
Las Vegas, Nevada
Joe Asher
Learn About Joe
Barbara Mack
Atlanta, Georgia
Wenona Belton
Learn About Wenona
Barbara Mack
Seattle, Washington
Bobbe J. Bridge
Learn About Bobbe
Barbara Mack
Fairfax, Virginia
Gayl Branum Carr
Learn About Gayl
Barbara Mack
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Lori A. Dumas
Learn About Lori
Barbara Mack
Logan, Utah
Angela Fonnesbeck
Learn About Angela
Barbara Mack
Reno, Nevada
Paul Georgeson
Learn About Paul
Barbara Mack
Lafayette, Indiana
Faith Graham
Learn About Faith
Barbara Mack
Augusta, Georgia
Amanda N. Heath
Learn About Amanda
Barbara Mack
Delaware, Ohio
David Hejmanowski
Learn About David
Barbara Mack
Mason, Texas
Robert Hofmann
Learn About Robert
Barbara Mack
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Judith T. Horgan
Learn About Judith
Barbara Mack
Austin, Texas
Aurora Martinez Jones
Learn About Aurora
Barbara Mack
Newark, New Jersey
David Katz
Learn About David
Barbara Mack
La Jolla, California
Mark A. Krasner
Learn About Mark
Barbara Mack
Wilmington, Delaware
Michael Newell
Learn About Michael
Barbara Mack
New York, New York
Jane Pearl
Learn About Jane
Barbara Mack
Tucson, Arizona
Kathleen A. Quigley
Learn About Kathleen
Barbara Mack
San Diego, California
Robert Simon
Learn About Robert
Barbara Mack
Reno, Nevada
Egan Walker
Learn About Egan