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Substance Use and the Courts

Juvenile Drug Treatment Courts

Designing Your Program

Working in a JDTC Team

Tailoring Responses for Youth

Working with Families

Using Data and Sustaining your Programs

 Medication-Assisted Treatment and the Courts

  1.  Resolution Regarding Access to Medication-Assisted Treatment for Adolescents and Adults in the Juvenile and Family Justice System
  2.  Access to Medication-Assisted Treatment – Infographic
  3. MAT Webinar (Coming Soon)

  Targeted Resource Mapping and the Courts

  1.  Targeted Resource Mapping Toolkit: Mapping Resources Along a Continuum of Services to Address Substance Use Disorders
  2. Opioids and the Courts Webinar Series

   Public Health Data and the Courts

  1.     5 Ways Juvenile and Family Courts can use Public Health Data to Address Substance Use

To request training or technical assistance, invite the NCJFCJ to your conversation, or to learn more about how the NCJFCJ can be a resource to you, please contact Cheri Ely at or (775) 507-4797.