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The NCJFCJ offers a wide variety of committees for its members to participate in, and much of the work of the organization is done through its committees, which include: Board Committees to assist the Board of Directors in its work; Advisory Committees to advise the work of the NCJFCJ as related to its mission; Subject Committees to advise and inform on substantive areas of law, procedure, practice, or projects relevant to the mission and vision of the NCJFCJ; and several Special Standing Committees which serve the organization and have special criteria delineated in the Bylaws.

For more information regarding NCJFCJ Committees or the Board Director application process, please contact Vanessa Stephens, Board Relations Coordinator, at

Amicus Council

The Amicus Council is established to promote the organization and assist with fundraising efforts and increase the visibility of the NCJFCJ in local communities, their respective states, and nationally.



Audit Committee

The Audit Committee represents the Board of Directors in overseeing the establishment and implementation of appropriate accounting policies and internal controls.



Conduct Committee

The Conduct Committee reviews matters which arise under, and renders advice regarding, the Code of Conduct of the NCJFCJ Director Duties and Responsibilities Agreement, and receives and considers written complaints made against any member, Director, or Officer which questions the conduct of such individual as it relates to his or her membership in the NCJFCJ.



Court Management Committee

The Court Management Committee assists the NCJFCJ in understanding issues that impact the courts and court personnel while promoting strong relationships between court management and judicial officers.



Curriculum Development Committee

The Curriculum Committee provides guidance and assists with the vision for training and education across the NCJFCJ as a whole.



Child Welfare and Juvenile Law (CWJL) Advisory Committee

The Child Welfare and Juvenile Law (CWJL) Advisory Committee provides guidance to the NCJFCJ Board, membership, and staff on initiatives and projects related to child abuse and neglect and juvenile justice matters.



Development Committee

The Development Committee examines ways to generate diversified revenue sources and unrestricted funds for the NCJFCJ.



Diversity Committee

The Diversity Committee identifies and addresses organizational issues of diversity in membership, leadership training and programs, publications, outreach, public relations, committees, and staffing.



Family Violence and Domestic Relations (FVDR) Advisory Committee

The Family Violence and Domestic Relations (FVDR) Advisory Committee provides guidance and supports the development of the program department’s agenda and activities, and identifies emerging issues in family violence and domestic relations.



Finance Committee

The Finance Committee works closely with the Chief Executive Officer and Finance Director to monitor the financial health of the organization and to review investment policies.



Governance Committee

The Governance Committee assists the NCJFCJ Board of Directors in establishing, reviewing, and maintaining policies and practices that promote effective Board and committee structure.



International Committee

The International Committee develops and implements strategies to increase international awareness of the work of the NCJFCJ, identifies opportunities for the NCJFCJ to increase its international presence, and keeps the NCJFCJ informed of international justice-related issues.



Legislative Committee

The Legislative Committee determines and leads federal policy and legislative strategies in the best interest of the organization’s mission and federal appropriations projects.



Membership Committee

The Membership Committee develops and implements strategies to increase awareness of the value of NCJFCJ membership and identifies opportunities for the NCJFCJ to increase membership at the individual, state, and national levels.



Military Committee

The Military Issues Committee assists the NCJFCJ to gain a better understanding of the issues that are common to military families and their dependents in the areas of delinquency, dependency, domestic violence, and family law.



NCJJ – Board of Fellows Advisory Committee

The National Center for Juvenile Justice Advisory Committee (Board of Fellows) identifies emerging issues in research and data related to the work of NCJJ and the NCJFCJ, innovative approaches to judicial education, and opportunities for the NCJFCJ membership to take positions on related matters to the committee via resolution or other public/policy means.



Nominating Committee

The Nominating Committee outlines the nominations process, verifies the eligibility of candidates, interviews candidates for the Board of Directors of the NCJFCJ, and recommends nominees to the membership at the Annual Conference.



Past Presidents’ Committee

The Past Presidents’ Committee works to develop relationships and joint work with other judicial organizations that share similar missions and goals as the NCJFCJ.



State-Tribal Partnerships Committee

The State-Tribal Partnerships Committee works to develop relationships and collaborate with other State-Tribal judicial organizations which share similar missions and goals as the NCJFCJ.