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How We Can Help You and Your Community

The National Council of Juvenile and Family Court Judges (NCJFCJ) has extensive experience providing and implementing tailored technical assistance to judicial officers, courts, and communities across the country. The NCJFCJ can provide you and your court the implementation of system improvements, strategic alignment with recommended national best practices, data-informed decision making, judicial system stakeholder training, keynote/session speaking experts, online learning, facilitation, planning and more.

If your court or community is interested in collaborating and forging systematic change, the NCJFCJ can provide useful assistance:

Implementing system improvements

Assessing alignment with recommended practices

Using data to inform decisions

Judicial system stakeholder training

Do you need to train a large workforce that provide services to youth and families involved in the juvenile and family court system?

Coordinate connections with model jurisdictions

Have you ever wanted to observe a model court or program?

Speakers bureau

Do you need a keynote or session speaker for an upcoming conference?

Online learning and meeting facilitation

Do you need assistance in developing and running a topical training webinar or virtual meeting and/or focus group?

Conference planning assistance

Do you need logistical support for an upcoming statewide/national conference?

Please fill out the request form below to receive more information regarding a tailored cost of improvements based on the service and the size of your court system or community.