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Our Donors

Our corporate sponsors

Lifetime $50,000+

  • E.L. Cord Foundation
  • Deyo Family Charitable Fund
  • CIBC Private Wealth Management, Donald B. Gimbel
  • Fig Tree Industries, Jeanne Karadanis
  • John Shaw Field Foundation

Champion for Families $10,000+

  • Honorable Karen S. Adam
  • William Hill USA, Joseph Asher
  • Bradley-Turner Foundation
  • The Bretzlaff Foundation
  • Honorable Bobbe J. Bridge
  • Barrick Gold Corporation, Michael J. Brown
  • Honorable Darlene Byrne
  • Honorable Susan B. Carbon
  • Honorable Kim Berkeley Clark
  • Honorable Denise Navarre Cubbon
  • Cheryl M. Davidek
  • Honorable Leonard P. Edwards
  • Marjorie R. FitzGerald
  • Eldorado Resorts, Inc., Paul J. Georgeson
  • Honorable Ernestine S. Gray
  • Honorable Chet T. Harhut
  • The Thomas P. and Thelma B. Hart Foundation
  • Joey Orduña Hastings
  • Judith T. Horgan
  • E. Hunter Hurst, III
  • Roxie & Azad Joseph Foundation
  • Honorable R. Michael Key
  • Bonnie and Dale Koch
  • Blanchard, Krasner & French, Mark A. Krasner, Esq.
  • Honorable J. Dean Lewis Lohman and Larry Lohman
  • Honorable Dan H. Michael
  • Honorable Michael Nash
  • Honorable Sheri C. Roberts
  • Honorable Janice M. Rosa
  • Honorable Stephen M. Rubin
  • Honorable James H. Seals
  • Maureen Sheeran
  • Proskauer Rose LLP, William C. Silverman
  • Forensic Psychology Consulting, Robert A. Simon, Ph. D
  • John Ben Snow Memorial Trust
  • Honorable Katherine Tennyson
  • Transforming Youth Recovery
  • Honorable Peggy Walker
  • Honorable A. Ellen White
  • Switch SUPERNAP, Melissa Young