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Allied Organizations

Allied Organizations

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Allied Organizations

Welcome to the National Resource Center on Military-Connected Families and the Courts allied organizations page! On this page you will find some of our partner organizations and many organizations that develop and provide resources to military-connected families from across the world.  If you would like to add a resource to the page, please contact us here.

Founded by military spouses, Blue Star Families connects military families to local community resources across the nation and around the world. Blue Star Families helps communities become aware of the difficulties and isolation these families face by providing local communities with information about the day-to-day lives of military families.

The Clearinghouse was created to serve as a research center and provide resources to professionals working with military families. Serving U.S. military families, the Clearinghouse helps professionals implement, evaluate, and improve programs for military service members and their families.

FOCUS has been operational for 20 years and it provides research to children and families related to military life. FOCUS provides communication and problem solving to military families faced with challenges related to military life.

The Interstate Commission for Juveniles, the governing body of the Interstate Compact for Juveniles, through means of joint and cooperative action among the compacting states, preserves child welfare and promotes public safety interests of citizens, including victims of juvenile offenders, by providing enhanced accountability, enforcement, visibility, and communication in the return of juveniles who have left their state of residence without permission and in the cooperative supervision of delinquent juveniles who travel or relocate across state lines.

LAMP has jurisdiction relating to legal assistance to military service members and their families. LAMP maintains a close connection with the Department of Defense, the Department of Homeland Security, the U.S. Coast Guard, the Department of Veterans Affairs, and several military bar associations to ensure that military service members and their families have access to free and affordable legal services.

The MCEC is a community of partners from across the U.S. that focuses on providing military-connected children to resources to ensure equal access in order for them to succeed. Military-connected children affected by deployment, family separation and transition have access to various MCEC programs, services, and professional development.

The MFRI began in 2000 after Purdue University opened its Center for Families focusing on improving the quality of lives for families. The MFRI is dedicated to providing military service members and their families with outreach and programming; shaping military work through policies, programs, and practices; and collaborating with communities with research and best practices that support families.

Military OneSource is funded by the Department of Defense and provides 24/7 access to information and support to military service members and their families from anywhere. The Military OneSource online resources connect military service members and their families to programs, services, and products that align and were developed for military life.

The NCTSN was created by Congress in 2000 as part of the Children’s Health Act to raise the standard of care and increase access to services for children and families who experience or witness traumatic events. The continued work of the NCTSN supports the further development of treatment and services to prevent mental health problems among children and families who have experienced trauma and reduce its impact on adult health and productivity.

The North Carolinas State Bar – Legal Assistance for Military Personnel provides military service members and their families access to military attorneys in the state of North Carolina to assist with legal assistance. The website has a dedicated webpage for military service members and their families that easily navigates through finding an attorney and information needed to begin working with them.

The Indiana National Guard, Psychological Health Program National Guard Bureau, Family and Social Services Administration, Purdue University Military Family Research Institute, and the Center for Deployment Psychology Uniformed Services University created the SBHP website. Through this interactive registry map of the U.S., military service members and their families can locate behavioral health professionals that have completed training to treat and understand the dynamics of military service members and their families.

SJI is a non-profit corporation established by federal law in 1984 to provide federal and private funding of grants to organizations with mission statements to improve state courts. SJI supports the efforts for numerous projects across the U.S. that establish state-of-the-art and efficient solutions to state courts that address some of our nation’s largest issues in family violence, drug abuse, juvenile justice, and alternative dispute resolutions.

The U.S. Department of Defense Military Family Support website provides an extensive list for external resources from Air Compassion for Veterans; Armed Forces Foundation; Armed Services YMCA; ASMBA Star Foundation; Believe in Tomorrow Children’s Foundation, and many more for military service members and their families.

The Wounded Warrior Project is a community of military service members, veterans, and their families that provide services for recovery and/or alternative methods for veteran care to military service members and veterans who, have sustained physical or mental injury, illness or wounds. Through this supportive community, the Wounded Warrior Project connects military service members, veterans, and their families to resources on family support, legal services, and to understanding and accessing benefits.